Relocating to Denver

We are pretty much the experts in relocation having relocated to Denver from the UK with our family in 2005. So we can honestly say ‘Been there, wore the T-shirt’.

Like all major life changing events, relocating to Denver is a very exciting adventure, but also comes with its stresses.  I am often asked the question “where is a good area to move to, where are good schools… etc”.   Whilst facts and figures can be a helpful part of the process, the question itself is a very hard one to answer.  It is difficult for anyone to say “I think you should live here because ..”.  Yes we might like the area but if there is one thing we have learnt along the journey it is that life throws many choices at you, and we all pick something a bit different.

“That’s not very helpful” I hear you ask.  Well we can arm you with pointers (and the chances  you have researched every website under the sun) but like when your gut will tell you you have found ‘the home of your dreams’, the same applies to areas.  We recommend you visit lots of them, and visit them again before you find ‘the one’.   You will be drawn to scenery, the architecture, ‘the vibe’.

The Denver area is beautiful – we came for 2 years and ending up staying.  Downtown Denver is (as many cities) has many old parts but with modern apartments mixed in.  Older neighborhoods like Wash Park have properties which are over 100 years old, and then you have the sprawling suberbs which offer newer homes for modern day living.

So, before we say “We think you should live here”,  we would prefer to know everything (well not quite everything but close) about you, your partner, your future plans, your lifestyle etc.  Architecture of the home will dictate certain areas, if you want a lot of land, modern lifestyle, family plans?

So, let’s jump in the car and absorb the area and homes in them.  When you feel you are closing in, we can narrow the property search down.  And (fingers crossed) everything else should fit into place.  You will make a few hiccups along the way, and hindsight is a beautiful thing, but hopefully with my experience, and your judgement, we can make relocating to Denver the start of your adventure a fun and exciting one.

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