Brits Relocating to Denver

Brits in Denver

Relocating to Denver?

Whether you are here for 2 years or its a permanent move, finding the right area is key to making your feel at home.  But that is often hard when you have just moved here. Driving around these areas will get you used to the ‘feel’ of an area.  Plus what your lifestyle will affect your choice.  We offer area tours where will visit some of the areas of town.

Buying a Home?

Here is a quick overview to buying a home in Denver.

  • You should use a Buyer’s agent!

Buyers agent work on your behalf to help you find a home.  Their services are free to you. It is not advisable to go direct to a listing agent.  You typically do not save any money doing that as commissions are pre-determined, and its like a bit like using the same Divorce Attorney as your spouse.

  • Starting to look?

It is important to get access to a good website that you will provide you with accurate information.  Not all websites do.  Other good resources are

  • Financing.

You will need to speak with a Lender to get pre-approved.  There are certain time limits in which you have to be in the country, getting your credit score to a good level etc

  • The Contract

It is a very different process than buying in the UK. An agent will write a contract and this covers everything for you.  You will do an inspection of the home, the Lender will guide you through the finances, and you could be done as soon as 30 days!

For more detailed information on this process, call me today at 720 226 4168